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Your Berlin City Break

If you’re considering where to stay in Berlin, look no further than Park Plaza Berlin Charlottenburg. Near shopping district of Kurfürstendamm, with local public transport links to Berlin’s well-known attractions and brimming with beautiful up-scale boutiques, there’s nowhere more picturesque and practical than Park Plaza Berlin. You’ll be able to experience Berlin’s famous landmarks and the West Berlin attractions with ease thanks to the hotel’s central location in Berlin. Visit the Berlin cathedral, marvel at the Brandenburg gate, and spend a day at Zoo Berlin before returning to your comfortable, contemporary central hub at Park Plaza Berlin.


3.57 mi / 5.75 km from Park Plaza Berlin Charlottenburg
Berlin Cathedral is a must-see for every city break or business trip. This breathtaking European landmark dates back to the 15th century with Baroque and Renaissance architecture. Located in the heart of Berlin’s city centre, you’ll often witness concerts, events, and other ongoings for tourists to immerse themselves in and experience Berlin’s rich cultural identity first-hand.


2.59 mi / 4.17 km from Park Plaza Berlin Charlottenburg
Step back in time at the Brandenburg Gate Berlin. This world-famous landmark stands as a symbol of European history and represents the Germany we know today. Spend the day learning about turbulent European history or simply absorb the postcard-worthy stature of this Symbolic gate.


3.08 mi / 4.96 km Park Plaza Berlin Charlottenburg
Educate yourself on the history of Germany’s Jewish population through art, sculpture, and exhibitions at the Jewish Museum Berlin. With over three floors of installations dating back to the 4th century, covering the holocaust and the present day, this is one of the West Berlin attractions that’ll leave you informed and intrigued.


0.79 mi / 1.26 km from Park Plaza Berlin Charlottenburg
Enjoy a day of family fun at the oldest zoo in Germany, Zoo Berlin. Known internationally for having more species than any other zoo in the world, this is one of the West Berlin attractions you and your family will never forget. With over 20,000 animals, 1,300 species, including exotic animals, a petting zoo, and the world-famous Berlin Aquarium, there’s something to see for every age.


3.56 mi / 5.73 km from Park Plaza Berlin Charlottenburg
Dedicate a day to absorbing art, culture, and history at Berlin’s captivating cultural hub. Explore the five museums situated beside the River Spee and lose yourself in stories from ancient Greece to 19th-century Germany.